What is Obama really up to?

From Eric Hines writing on Ricochet:

Here’s some of what he’s done these last five and more years, in no particular order.

On foreign policy:

  • speaking tour around the world, deprecating the US and American exceptionalism
  • leading from behind in Libya, and with only minimal support (air refueling and ordnance transfers) for our nominal European ally participants
  • refusing to do anything at all in Syria
  • deciding to leave Iraq altogether rather than make a legitimate effort to negotiate a meaningful SOFA
  • deciding to run a surge-light in Afghanistan while simultaneously announcing a date certain for our departure, which date was to be independent of any realized results from his pseudo-surge
  • symbolic pivoting to the Pacific Rim, with no real substance to the pivot
  • decrying and trying to obstruct Honduras’ constitutional removal of an illegally behaving President
  • “resetting” relations with Russia
  • ceding our foreign policy decisions to Russia, China via UNvis-à-vis Iran and northern Korean  nuclear weapons activities
  • pulling the rug out from under Poland and the Czech Republic on missile defense, with no prior warning of our program cancellation, in response to Russian objections to the defensive shield

On economic policy:

  • pushing for and signing a trillion dollar stimulus bill in 2009 “to create jobs”
  • passing loans and subsidies for the “green energy” industry
  • enacting a carbon tax via EPA after Congress rejected the tax
  • enacting, also via the EPA, regulations that are driving out coal-fired power plants and shutting down coal production
  • delaying, and delaying, the Keystone XL pipeline
  • slow-walking oil/gas field leases and drilling permits on Federal lands and offshore
  • continuing demands for budgets that increase spending and taxing, to the point of threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get those spending and taxing increases
  • passing Obamacare partisanly
  • getting and manning the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau partisanly
  • unconstitutionally appointing personnel to the NLRB and to the CFPB without Senate consent
  • deciding for himself when the Senate is, and is not, in session in order to make appointments to appointive office


  • claiming the Fort Hood massacre to be work place violence
  • disparaging terrorism generally as man-caused disasters
  • soft-pedaling war as kinetic operations

In addition to all of that, he does this at his recent Galesburg and Jacksonville speeches:

Mr Obama doesn’t merely criticize Congress.  He mocks it repeatedly.  Washington “ignored” problems.  It “made things worse.”  It “manufactures” crises and “phony scandals.”  He is persuading his audiences to set Congress aside and let him act.

So too the judiciary.  During his 2010 State of the Union speech, Mr Obama denounced the Supreme Court Justices in front of him.  The National Labor Relations Board has continued to issue orders despite two federal court rulings forbidding it to do so.  Attorney General Eric Holder says he will use a different section of the Voting Rights Act to impose requirements on Southern states that the Supreme Court ruled illegal.  Mr Obama’s repeated flouting of the judiciary and its decisions are undermining its institutional authority, as intended.

What are we to make of his behavior, his decisions, under the assumption that he knows exactly what he’s doing?  What are the goals of the man, taking that as a given?

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