The latest Goodreads review

“I’m normally not a fan of the thriller genre, and I must admit that I began “The Great Liars” with a fair dose of skepticism.

Read the back cover, and you get a very particular idea of the novel. Retired Navy officer, government cover-up, World War II setting. I was imagining a humorless, testosterone-fueled thriller with a poorly veiled political agenda. My apologies, Jerry. I don’t know the last time I entered a book with such unfair preconceived ideas.

“The Great Liars” is a delightful read. I’m rather surprised it took me a full week to finish, as this is the sort of book you can whip through in a lazy afternoon. However, this leisurely pace was actually a fun change. I rather enjoyed crashing at the end of every day to read a few chapters of “The Great Liars.”

Other readers have thoroughly covered the book’s humor, but this review would be incomplete without a further mention. Honestly, “The Great Liars” could do away with plot and devolve into an unbroken ramble. I wouldn’t care. Carroll not only creates a witty voice, but manages to maintain it over the course of the novel.

Also, I’d like to touch on one aspect of the book that pleasantly surprised me. Can anyone name a (non-Lizbeth Salander) female narrator in a thriller book? You certainly won’t find one in Ludlum! Props to Carroll for challenging the hyper-masculinity of the genre.

I’m glad I stumbled on this little gem! A very entertaining read.”

— Anna Cain

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