Top Dog — better than ever.

I had a lot of fun writing TOP DOG, a New York Times bestseller back in the ‘90s when disco reigned. No, hang on — that was the ‘70s. My, the way the decades fly. A while back, I wondered how it was doing. I went out to the barn, pulled back the tarp, and it looked just fine. The mice had been at the upholstery, but I fixed that so you can’t even tell. I did a little bit of retooling (Obama had replaced George Bush in the White House), gave it a new cover, put in a new set of plugs. Runs just fine.
I began writing Top Dog one morning around two. I was a big-city journalist at the time. Like every other job, it has a shelf life before it goes as flat as champagne the day after. I wanted to do something different, and then there was the insomnia. I began with one word, Running. Next thing you know, I had a book. You know how it is when you’re on a roll. An agent called out of the blue to ask if I had anything. Well, I said, there is this satire I’ve done. The editor she contacted said people kept coming to her office when she was reading the manuscript and asking what made her laugh so much.
Take a peek at the Inside look. Let me what you think.

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