Our foul times

I came across an arresting essay by Joseph Pearce, hitherto unknown to me, a writer in residence and director of the Center for Faith and Culture at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. The sex and drugs revolution of the ‘Sixties was the torch that set fire to what remained of Western culture after two world wars in less than a half century. The ruins are to be seen all around us in this dumbed-down world submerged and hell-bent in its self-gratification and materialism. Pearce says it better here:

Rescuing Our Maidens from the Culture of Death

I have been skeptical of the “rape-culture” frenzy on the college campuses, but Pearce brought my attention to a study conducted in the U.K. by the Girl Guides, its equivalent to our Girl Scouts. It said suicide rates are way up and half of  teenage girls have sought help for mental problems, many of which are caused by the widespread acceptance of pornography. In my youth so long ago it was regarded as dirty and something to be ashamed of. But now it is so widespread that you are  regarded as a prude if you find it objectionable. A winking acceptance is thought of as a badge of broad mindedness. This is what happens when moral relativity and the anthropological view of human culture are in the saddle. One set of standards or norms is no better or worse than the next and, paradoxically, it wrong to think otherwise. There being no moral standards and with the influence of religion waning, the race is full on to the bottom of the gutter and new frontiers of depravity. The result can be seen best in the black community with all its path0logies and furies, but the rotten fruits of promiscuity are spreading  everywhere. It is so bad that two federal agencies are proposing to become “equal partners” with parents in raising their children. As tempting as it might sound to single mothers, once that camel gets its nose under the tent a politically correct totalitarianism that will spread is not far behind. The village that the left said it takes to raise a child will become a far-off bureaucracy with iron rules and the power to enforce them.








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