My new book, End Times, is now available. Here’s the story.

The false messiah Satan created for the End Times steps from the nearly-completed portrait. Without memory or self-knowledge, he wanders outside to a country road and walks for hours not caring where. SEALS veteran Alex Randall, now a cop, assumes from his blankness that he has amnesia. Against regulations, he drops him off at a high-end clinic where patients and staff succumb to the stranger’s beauty and effortless charm. Now a rival and therefore an enemy of Lucifer, he acquires the nickname Rex because it seems there is nothing he can’t do. Uncertain as yet about Rex’s purpose – not even archangels know the future – Camuel appears in the guise of a workman and warns Rex to leave the clinic just seconds before demonic assassins arrive and butcher everyone. Randall falls under suspicion by the FBI and is suspended.
Rex’s aimless drifting brings him to a tea room where hard-nosed talent scout Molly Simon is looking for people to cast in TV commercials. At once recognizing his potential, she signs him to a management contract and swears to herself she won’t fall in love. Camuel appears before Randall with a thick wad of cash and tells him he must find Rex and stick to him like glue. “It’s the most important thing you will ever do.”
Randall tracks Rex to Mollie and discovers that he sat in on the keyboard at a nightclub where Mick Jagger did a surprise set and then worked out with the San Francisco Giants, boggling their minds with his unhittable fast ball. Randall parks them in a hotel for safekeeping, but a deskman warns Molly that the cops are looking for them, so they flee into the night and end up at Fisherman’s Wharf where a movie is being filmed. As soon as the temperamental director gets a load of Rex, it’s off to Hollywood where he is instantly discovered as having star potential. His leading role rescues a big-budget movie from going down the tubes and the path to Hollywood celebrity is open. But the demonic mob is still after him, stopping a train he and Mollie are on and then commandeering a container ship to sink the sailboat that they switch to. A helicopter meant to kill them crashes on the red carpet at the movie premiere, an event that will figure later in a presidential debate. Randall keeps hiring more ex-Special Forces people until there is a small army guarding their luxury compound and manning decoy convoys. He consults clergymen who reflect varying views about Lucifer. One says he is an embarrassment to modernizers, but a Baptist preacher is convinced like Pope Frances that Satan plays a role in everyday life. Rex’s growing fame leads him to run for the White House. It is what Satan originally intended for him – but on his own terms. Both Randall and Molly know this must not be allowed to happen and she comes up with a killer idea to stop him. “He said to me that God told him to run,” she tells the country on television. Satan has a killer idea too – the perfect revenge for the insurrection.

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